At Gray Analytics, our goal is simple: To help our country, its businesses and its
organizations improve security in the cyber realm. Period.

Real Problems, Real Solutions: Gray Analytics Is Meeting The Need

What would you do if a cyber-attack shut down your business today? Every business or organization, no matter the size or focus, is at daily risk of a cyberattack. In the global economy operating in the digital information age, the opportunities for bad actors to do grave and sometimes-irreparable damage are numerous. The bottom line: Those with malicious intent are out to access, steal, alter, disable or destroy what does not rightfully belong to them. From nation-state groups to hacktivists, cybercrime to cyberwarfare, phishing attacks to denial-of-service, the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) are ever changing and growing exponentially. Every organization requires a solution based on understanding a complex array of cyber threats…and creating the best defenses against them.

Our Promise

Our promise is also straightforward: To operate with the utmost professionalism, honesty and integrity. We promise to give the best effort with the best service possible. And we promise to treat your needs as if they are our own, because we believe that improving your security is a shared responsibility. With this commitment we invite you to learn more about Gray Analytics, and we look forward to the opportunity to discuss your cybersecurity needs.

Executive Team

Ron Gray


Ron has over 30 years of Federal Government contracting experience supporting Department of Defense and NASA customers in Huntsville and Washington, DC. He has managed technical and business organizations his entire career and has specific expertise in the growth and management of small businesses in a method that results in an exceptional work environment for staff and superior support and products for customers. Ron has been inducted into the State of Alabama Engineering Hall of Fame and has been recognized as a Distinguished Engineering Fellow by the University of Alabama.

Mike Manley


Mike Manley leads Gray Analytics’s business, providing strategic direction and leadership for the cyber services portfolio including Secure Supply Chain and Enterprise Cyber Services. He has over thirty years’ experience in technology, management, and leadership. Prior to joining Gray Analytics, he successfully led the enterprise IT organization and cybersecurity operations for an international Fortune 1000 corporation that included more than 65 businesses and 190 locations world-wide. He has led multiple ERP implementations and technology service improvements, and was responsible for global data center operations, global network and cloud services, enterprise email systems, and enterprise telephony.

Scott Gray

VP of Business Development

Scott Gray has worked in business development for over 30 years. Over the last 18 years Scott has worked at IBM with hardware infrastructure responsibility with the US Army, US Navy, US Marine Corps, and Missile Defense Agency. He has worked with government organizations, business partners, and systems integrators to deliver high value solutions to help clients meet mission objectives. He has identified key mission requirements and affected IBM products and solutions to better address these requirements. Scott has performed life cycle cost analysis of technology options and generated proposals and presentations for clients. He leveraged the breadth of corporate capabilities to include software, services, and support to deliver integrated solutions that benefit the client and ensure mission success.

Shane Liptak

VP of Cybersecurity Operations

Shane Liptak serves as Gray Analytics’s subject matter expert in manufacturing and computing secure supply chain for the cyber service portfolio. Shane has over fifteen years’ experience in cybersecurity including Director of Computer Networks and Operations and Red Team services for Lunarline, Inc., and as a Cybersecurity Branch Chief for U.S. Strategic Command where he led critical cybersecurity projects and initiatives including the first Combatant Command Supply Chain Risk Management Program and numerous other cyber related analysis and mitigation operations. Shane holds numerous Cyber related certifications including CISSP, GCIH, GCED, Q|SA, Q|PTL, MCTS, Sec+.

Hunter Vaughn

VP of Engineering Services

Hunter Vaughn has more than 20 years’ experience performing program management for the Department of Defense. Over the last 12 years Hunter has worked for the Missile Defense Agency where he led the development and execution of C2BMC Defensive Cyber Ops strategy, oversaw participation in DOT&E, TSMO and CCMD penetration testing, and led systems upgrades to improve and remediate compliance issues related to NIST and RMF requirements. He has managed budgets exceeding $150M across 6 contracts and has strong experience in Cost as an Independent Variable (CAIV) and Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS). Hunter also has strong experience in kill vehicle test facilities, hardware in the loop systems, course of action planning, training programs, and board review processes.